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Rover called SHERP

Even though it may sound quite implausible, but the world is one interesting vehicle was recently presented, which can literally take you anywhere. What is most interesting, absolutely no difference if your route passes through a swamp covered with snow or the knee, because the new rover called SHERP can even swim on the river, in spite of an impressive layer of ice.

Creator of the unique all-wheel drive is the Sherpas handyman named... see full

Next year will be a new presentable Cadillac CTS

Next year will be a new presentable Cadillac CTS - the brainchild of the American automobile giant. It is reported that this will be a safer machine. What's the secret?

Finally, the manufacturer announced some details about the expected updated model of Cadillac CTS, which will be prese... see full

Parking procedure in reverse.

Parking the car in reverse - all owners of private vehicles are well aware that the inability to park the car when reversing does not bode well, except for abuse on the part of other drivers and scratches or other defects in his own car. Therefore, every car owner whether it be a beginner or a dr... see full

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